Water features

We offer different water features for your landscaping. We take all your hobbies and we want you to enjoy the delights of nature. Swimming pools can cost a lot, but there can be other alternatives to them. If you like water but not swimming in it, you love the heavenly voice it makes, but you are too reluctant to get wet. We can take care of you by offering features which can be best suitable for you.

Water features are an exciting part of landscaping Dubai. Your liking and imagination do not just limit the choice of water innovations. Features can be the luxury fountain, rock waterfall, a grotto, deck jets, negative edge, or even custom slides. Innovators Landscaping will plan that particular water feature for your garden’s swimming pool that will go with everything else. You won’t have to travel to see waterfalls because all the heaven will be in your backyard.

Here are some features that Innovators Landscaping offer to clients. This the main reason that Innovators Landscaping is known to be one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai.


Your pond can have water lilies swimming on top or can have lively and warm koi fishes. Or a garden pond can be a small, clean, bright, empty body of water—simply there for reflection and pleasure. Your ponds can be of a different kind. Two of the main types are:

Reflecting Pools:

Designing for a reflecting pool is like building a lovely painting. In fact, that is precisely the function of this great mass of water. The placement of a large reflecting pool promotes the look of the adjacent building as it elegantly catches the reflection of the structural feature that you want to highlight. The image that you want to achieve can range from the shape of your comfortable villa or the pool place on the level to the sharp fall covering around your house or even the floating clouds in the sky. Reflecting pools are designed to be ornamental peculiarities usually in a garden as a focal part.

Ornamental Pools:

Ornamental pools are typically present on near a deck or terrace. Their design is mostly circular like a decorative piece like a spouting image a vertically cascading stream or like bell fountains.

Water Gardens:

Water gardens mainly have marine plant life installed within them. They give these gardens a vibrant and vigorous look. Plants are both inside and outside the springs, and this makes the view even more lively and lush.

Fish Ponds:

Fish can be appended to about any type of water feature as long as certain life-sustaining criteria. Koi and Goldfish are traditional favorites. They add a splash of color in motion.

Hot tub or spa

Hot tubs and spas are some other features to look for when selecting something for your garden. They have many varieties and scopes. Aside from aesthetic reasons, Hot tub or spas also serve a fundamental cause. The primary function of it is to help relax a family, group of friends or any individual who is stressed out. Hot tubs can act as a therapy for stress and tiresome. Hot tubs can be very significant in your household for both relaxing and entertaining.


Fountains usually come in all kinds of materials, styles, and sizes—limited only by your imagination, skills, and resources. We can help you get a perfect fountain for your landscape. We, among some other landscaping companies in UAE, assist you in making your backyard a heavenly place by installing a fountain. Fountains are just not water guzzling features for your garden unlike some may believe. If designed and constructed with water storage in mind, a water fountain helps in recycling water and feed it back to the fountain. In this way, there is no wastage of water, and your garden can have a beautiful Fountain. In addition to that, in hot climates, a spray coming out of it, fills the air with mist, bringing much-needed comfort to your family and the nearer plants and gardens.


Often designed with natural stone chips or stones, waterfalls bring an upright dimension in water features. It can take landscaping Dubai to the next level if it is installed carefully and you choose just the right team to do your work. Waterfalls capture your attention from a distance as they bounce and flow. It can be gorgeous having your water flow at your garden. Here, it is essential to realize that your backyard waterfall will most likely consist of more than two pools or bodies of water at different heights. The upper pool should be the smallest, big enough to get the water revved-up into a kind of bustling movement. Incorporation of natural rocks can often be seen in these waterfalls which can also be replaced by hand made rocks.


Surprisingly, most individual streams work best if positioned on level land, or at a very slight pitch or slope. Streams are perfect for strolling paths, walks or pool levels. Streams are often designed to flow into waterfalls and cascade into a pond to help sustain the entire ecosystem of a water feature.

Naturally, streams can speed through granite hills or wind lazily in upland meadows or trickle by channels. Before beginning on your stream-making project, researching the movement and look of real streams is very important.