Swimming pools

We are one of the most competent and skilled swimming pool contractors in Dubai. Stunning pools and effective plans are achievable only by careful outlining and close observation to features. We keep this in our minds and our team take a remarkable focus from the origin of every plan. We work closely with our architects, clients, and our planners to create a unique and wonderful pool that can bring out the beauty of the surroundings. Innovators Landscaping makes sure that any client who hires us, gets a very outstanding product.

Below are some essential points that you should consider before installing a pool in your backyard. Function and Shape:

The purpose of the pool should be kept in mind while deciding it’s shape and location. If it is going to be an exercise spot, a pool whose shape is rectangular should be preferred. Others who want this pool to be a source of entertainment and parties, the circular shape is best for this reason. While on the other hand, if space is limited a plunge pool can be the best option.

Insulation Supplies

Lining the bottom of the pool is an essential part of installing a pool. There are three fundamental materials to pick off for the lining of any base of a pool, which is: concrete, tile and fiberglass, concrete. If you want a moderate-maintenance gathering, fiberglass can be a perfect choice. But, it has the problem of shape and structure. The best option that gives the maximum results and has proven to be suitable for clients is, concrete. The reason is, it provides versatility, and it is more durable than any other material.

Material for the deck:

Of this concrete is the best option. Other options include paving stones and tile. Concrete again gives flexibility and is the cheapest. Any colored or stamped pool decks can be considered as options if we are using concrete. The selections of paving stones are usually by people who want straight results. Tiles are expensive, but they are the most durable and resistant to any damage. They might be expensive, but they give long lasting finishing to the pool. Slides hot tubs or any other extras should be taken into consideration once the design of the swimming pool is structured.

Our team helps all of our clients in making of their difficult decisions, supervising and looking into close details of what any client want and can get.  Swimming Pool Construction can be a very tricky business, but we Innovators Landscaping make sure to provide best quality product to our client that is the reason it is said to be one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai.