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Innovators Landscaping is a thriving signature in Landscaping company in Dubai & Sharjah UAE. We are earning a lot of appraise on our breathtaking Landscape Architect and Gardening. Our firm delivers excellence and eminence that leads to the satisfaction and gratification of our customers. Our crew encompasses hardworking, reliable and fervent associates who keep any demands and requirements of our client in check. We will go to extraordinary bounds and make it certain that our customers get what they visualized.

Our staff is competent in putting your needs first and help you build your dream garden. Moreover, our architectural team makes sure to deliver various kind of services from designing fire pits to swimming pools and much more in a very competing quality. In this manner, our clients do not have to have to go to any trouble of selecting and hiring another company for their other relevant work.


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“Through shared passion, vision and customer service, we strive for excellence in the delivery of unique landscaping solutions”

Our services & skills


Innovators landscaping company in Dubai has wealth of experience in all aspects of soft landscaping. We have master the art of putting life into the lifeless areas. Innovators landscaping company in Dubai and Sharjah helps you to build your home gardens, schools grounds, public and commercial areas beautiful and transform your simple and plain looking gardens into stylish look.

Our soft landscaping services in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are working hard to transform a dull and boring desert into a green and colorful paradise. If you want to give a health look to your garden and want to trim natural beauty to give an artistic and romantic look to your garden then it is not a time to think it is a time to take an action. Now you can give a contract to our soft landscaping company of Dubai UAE. We also offer soft landscaping services throughout the country.


Soft landscaping services in Sharjah and soft landscaping company Dubai turn your dreams into reality. Soft landscaping services includes turfing, hedging, tree planting, ground works, topsoil, irrigation system, lake work, alluring design, wild flowers, landscape lighting, seeding, shrubs, bulb, climbers, borders, herbaceous plants and perennials. They help you to give beautiful look to your gardens that exude your personality. Soft landscaping company in Dubai hires professionals, expert and skillful workers who love their art and they design your lifeless outdoors in to lavish gardens. With their matchless and unparalleled experience in designing garden and installation of beautiful and luxurious gardens. We are well aware of different plants, shrubs, hedge, grass and flowers. We shape natural beauty by trimming plants, grass, trees and flowers to portray the mood of your garden thought out the season.


Do you really want to know that how an ordinary stone, glass, timber, rocks, gravel etc. transform into an enchanting model of beauty? Different landscape companies are offering their services to beautify your property and transform your boring buildings into a beautiful and alluring piece of land. Different hard landscape companies in Dubai UAE are busy in designing a dreamland for their clients and they are transforming the desert into the modern city. They offer different hard landscape services such as paving, drainage, lighting, paths, fencing, kerbing, furniture metal, seating, bridges etc.

How we Design your Building Flawless?

Innovators landscaping in Dubai and different hard landscape companies in Dubai  are helping people to make their private living area, their offices and public places beautiful by their creative thoughts and by their hard work. We believe in good quality work and we work to satisfy the need of our clients. We consider the taste and mood of our customer while designing their indoor and outdoor living areas. We design your wonderland by taking work from well-experienced, professional and skillful workers who have well knowledge of landscaping. Give a healthy and attractive look to your garden by designing gazebos, pergola and by designing your garden paths with different artistic work and hard landscaping.

Different hard landscaping companies of UAE promoting the culture of landscaping and also promoting beauty of the land. They are working hard day and night to provide their top-notch services to all sectors. Today, if Dubai is known for its beauty all over the world it is just because of these  Abu Dhabi best landscaping contractor who are promoting beauty of the land.

Innovators landscaping company helps you to design your outdoor. Innovators landscaping offer variety of Gazebos and Pergola to satisfy the need of customer in a reasonable budget. Innovators landscaping helps you to add shade and style to your outdoor living space with beautifully designed wooden, stone, and iron made Gazebos and Pergola. There is nothing more pleasant to spend your time in backyard and it is more relaxing and soothing if it is a mixture of natural beauty and human creativity. Innovators landscaping creates an outstanding Pergola and Gazebos for your outdoors.

A constant beauty

We use good quality material to provide you with top-notch structure while designing gazebos and pergola for you, which remains same and unaffected by harshness of sun and by heavy rain. We care about your ease so we design gazebos and pergola in such a way that you need not to do much effort to clean them.

A great social boost

Innovators landscaping helps you to design your outdoor in unique way that your friend and family cannot resist to admit your good taste. Innovators landscaping creates an alluring and fantastic space for your social parties and activities.

Offer excellent versatility

It human nature, we are fed up of things that we experience every day. Innovators landscaping helps you to break monotonous look of your garden and transform your outdoors into a beautiful piece of paradise. Gazebos and pergola are designed in such an artistic way that stay up in all summer and do not blow away in winters. They are designed so greatly that if your mood is changed and you want to switch to other side of the garden then it is very is to disassemble and convenient to store in your desire place.

Want To Preserve The Natural Beauty Of Your Garden? Then You Need To Install An Automatic Irrigation System. Innovator Landscaping Helps You To Safe Your Garden And Grows Your Garden Without Any Stress.

Are you busy in watering your plant? You are using old methods of gardening? Then you need to switch from old methods to new technology. Innovators landscaping company helps you to install automatic irrigation system in affordable budget. Now it is time to get rid of extra work and effort.

Are You Looking For Benefits Of Automatic Irrigation System?

If you are nature lover then definitely, your garden has variety of plants and flowers. Is it not difficult to water every plant and flower one by one? Why you are wasting your energy and wasting your time in watering your plants? Change your method of watering your plants and get rid of everyday headache. Automatic irrigation system saves your time, you just need to set a timer to turn on and turn off on specific time. Automatic irrigation helps you to water your plant with right amount of water for good growth of plants. Automatic irrigation system is economical you need not to spend great amount of money. You can give a healthier look to your plants and flowers by installing automatic irrigation system. Installation of automatic irrigation system helps you to water your plants for longer period of time with little amount of water and it make sure that plants receive optimal amount of water. Beautify your land without taking any pain and without wasting your precious time. Innovators landscaping offers a good and high standard of irrigation system that are environmental friendly and efficient irrigation system for your office, home, hospital and hotel gardens. We use good quality pipe and top-notch pop-up sprinkles while installing automatic irrigation system in your gardens.

If You Really Want To Enjoy The Beauty Of Your Yard Even When It Is Dark Out? Then Design Your Outdoor With Lighting Landscape And Fill Your World With Wondrous Light.

Light your little world with beautiful lights and give a dramatic look to your house. If you want to take a romantic dinner with your love ones or if you want to celebrate any occasion or you want to do barbecue then you need to go open air but it will be only possible if you fill your garden with wondrous light to cope with the darkness of the night. Different landscape companies in Dubai are offering their services of landscape lighting. They enhance the beauty and the value of the property by their creativity. Landscape contractors help to install lights in garden of all public and private sectors.

Thinking? How To Fill Your World With Wondrous Light?

Different landscape lighting companies of UAE offer different variety of landscape lighting such as modern, classic, rustic lighting fixture. Now you need not to worry that how to beautify your property because different landscape lighting companies in Dubai and Sharjah are offering different type of lighting landscape such as  in-ground well lights, accent bullets, bollard lights, step or path lights, driveway markers, under water well lights, up lights, and down lighting of walls, tree, flowers and ceiling.

Innovators Landscape Company helps you to add bewitching beauty to your office, hotel and houses by hard, soft and lighting landscape. Everything in this world is created with different identity then why should we give a common look to our property? Give new look to your dreamland with lighting landscape without having a fear of breakdown of the lighting system as different maintenance companies in Dubai and Sharjah are there to help you out of trouble.

There is an extensive collection of barbecue grills that can be available to you. To choose the right one depends on different factors. The first factor is; some people that are usually going to use your grills. The second factor can be what kind of grill goes with the area you are going to put it in. If you select a large surface, it will ensure production of bigger meals. If you choose a reduced model, it can be used in more intimate social events.

The barbecue once was very simple and straightforward. Now it incorporates many extra items in addition to the barbecue.  Side cookers are a comprehensive proposal to establish following a full meal without the inconvenience of being trapped inside due to weather or any other such situations. Among other Dubai landscape companies, Innovators Landscaping is offering you an excellent prospectus and vision of what you might want. Our team will always welcome any additions you ought to do to our design or proposal. Our priority is to satisfy clients. If you want to custom make your grills and the place of barbecue, our team will be more than happy to help and please you.

Every house and a garden need the deck to enhance their looking quality as well as to add a little antique look. Wooden decking can make a home welcoming and makes it look comfortable. It creates a seamless shift between the garden and a house.

Different woods can be used to make a deck. Our team usually prioritize timber. A floor that made of timber is like a false floor, and it makes an outside space look at the same level as the surface of the deck. This level surface gives the solution to many of the customers’ problems, from the uneven ground to worn out patios and sloping sites. There can also be the range for the under-deck room, and the project can be created to consolidate old age trees or founded wall climbers. Innovators Landscaping decking will construct a deck using materials which most suit the background, practice, and resources. Our construction team takes into account every tiny detail that can use to make your Decking a successful experience. It also includes the main reason of your decking and the area where you want a decking. Either you want it for your home or your organization to give it an old look. We offer the hardwood timber, composite decking, or traditional grooved softwood floor. We offer a great variety of shades and the texture of your floor. If our construction needs lightning because you want to use it for night dining, our team will take care of that. There will be no compromise or neglect towards the quality of wood or expert work that we are providing.

Every deck developed by Innovators landscaping is all unique. It may follow a simple design or a much complicated and involved design. It all depends on you, what you want and prefer. Balconies and terraces can also replace Decking.

In landscape contractors Dubai, our company is striving so hard and proving its choice is the right one for the customers. Our team keeps in check all the requirements, quality and kind of design you want while making a Deck.

We offer different water features for your landscaping. We take all your hobbies and we want you to enjoy the delights of nature. Swimming pools can cost a lot, but there can be other alternatives to them. If you like water but not swimming in it, you love the heavenly voice it makes, but you are too reluctant to get wet. We can take care of you by offering features which can be best suitable for you.

Water features are an exciting part of landscaping Dubai. Your liking and imagination do not just limit the choice of water innovations. Features can be the luxury fountain, rock waterfall, a grotto, deck jets, negative edge, or even custom slides. Innovators Landscaping will plan that particular water feature for your garden’s swimming pool that will go with everything else. You won’t have to travel to see waterfalls because all the heaven will be in your backyard.

Here are some features that Innovators Landscaping Sharjah offer to clients. This the main reason that Innovators Landscaping is known to be one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai.


Your pond can have water lilies swimming on top or can have lively and warm koi fishes. Or a garden pond can be a small, clean, bright, empty body of water—simply there for reflection and pleasure. Your ponds can be of a different kind. Two of the main types are:

Reflecting Pools:

Designing for a reflecting pool is like building a lovely painting. In fact, that is precisely the function of this great mass of water. The placement of a large reflecting pool promotes the look of the adjacent building as it elegantly catches the reflection of the structural feature that you want to highlight. The image that you want to achieve can range from the shape of your comfortable villa or the pool place on the level to the sharp fall covering around your house or even the floating clouds in the sky. Reflecting pools are designed to be ornamental peculiarities usually in a garden as a focal part.

Ornamental Pools:

Ornamental pools are typically present on near a deck or terrace. Their design is mostly circular like a decorative piece like a spouting image a vertically cascading stream or like bell fountains.

Water Gardens:

Water gardens mainly have marine plant life installed within them. They give these gardens a vibrant and vigorous look. Plants are both inside and outside the springs, and this makes the view even more lively and lush.

Fish Ponds:

Fish can be appended to about any type of water feature as long as certain life-sustaining criteria. Koi and Goldfish are traditional favorites. They add a splash of color in motion.

Hot tub or spa

Hot tubs and spas are some other features to look for when selecting something for your garden. They have many varieties and scopes. Aside from aesthetic reasons, Hot tub or spas also serve a fundamental cause. The primary function of it is to help relax a family, group of friends or any individual who is stressed out. Hot tubs can act as a therapy for stress and tiresome. Hot tubs can be very significant in your household for both relaxing and entertaining.


Fountains usually come in all kinds of materials, styles, and sizes—limited only by your imagination, skills, and resources. We can help you get a perfect fountain for your landscape. We, among some other landscaping companies in UAE, assist you in making your backyard a heavenly place by installing a fountain. Fountains are just not water guzzling features for your garden unlike some may believe. If designed and constructed with water storage in mind, a water fountain helps in recycling water and feed it back to the fountain. In this way, there is no wastage of water, and your garden can have a beautiful Fountain. In addition to that, in hot climates, a spray coming out of it, fills the air with mist, bringing much-needed comfort to your family and the nearer plants and gardens.


Often designed with natural stone chips or stones, waterfalls bring an upright dimension in water features. It can take landscaping in Dubai to the next level if it is installed carefully and you choose just the right team to do your work. Waterfalls capture your attention from a distance as they bounce and flow. It can be gorgeous having your water flow at your garden. Here, it is essential to realize that your backyard waterfall will most likely consist of more than two pools or bodies of water at different heights. The upper pool should be the smallest, big enough to get the water revved-up into a kind of bustling movement. Incorporation of natural rocks can often be seen in these waterfalls which can also be replaced by hand made rocks.


Surprisingly, most individual streams work best if positioned on level land, or at a very slight pitch or slope. Streams are perfect for strolling paths, walks or pool levels. Streams are often designed to flow into waterfalls and cascade into a pond to help sustain the entire ecosystem of a water feature.

Naturally, streams can speed through granite hills or wind lazily in upland meadows or trickle by channels. Before beginning on your stream-making project, researching the movement and look of real streams is very important.

We are one of the most competent and skilled swimming pool contractors in Dubai. Stunning pools and effective plans are achievable only by careful outlining and close observation to features. We keep this in our minds and our team take a remarkable focus from the origin of every plan. We work closely with our architects, clients, and our planners to create a unique and wonderful pool that can bring out the beauty of the surroundings. Innovators Landscaping in UAE makes sure that any client who hires us, gets a very outstanding product.

Below are some essential points that you should consider before installing a pool in your backyard. Function and Shape:

The purpose of the pool should be kept in mind while deciding it’s shape and location. If it is going to be an exercise spot, a pool whose shape is rectangular should be preferred. Others who want this pool to be a source of entertainment and parties, the circular shape is best for this reason. While on the other hand, if space is limited a plunge pool can be the best option.

Insulation Supplies

Lining the bottom of the pool is an essential part of installing a pool. There are three fundamental materials to pick off for the lining of any base of a pool, which is: concrete, tile and fiberglass, concrete. If you want a moderate-maintenance gathering, fiberglass can be a perfect choice. But, it has the problem of shape and structure. The best option that gives the maximum results and has proven to be suitable for clients is, concrete. The reason is, it provides versatility, and it is more durable than any other material.

Material for the deck:

Of this concrete is the best option. Other options include paving stones and tile. Concrete again gives flexibility and is the cheapest. Any colored or stamped pool decks can be considered as options if we are using concrete. The selections of paving stones are usually by people who want straight results. Tiles are expensive, but they are the most durable and resistant to any damage. They might be expensive, but they give long lasting finishing to the pool. Slides hot tubs or any other extras should be taken into consideration once the design of the swimming pool is structured.

Our team helps all of our clients in making of their difficult decisions, supervising and looking into close details of what any client want and can get.  Swimming Pool Construction can be a very tricky business, but we Innovators Landscaping in Dubai make sure to provide best quality product to our client that is the reason it is said to be one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai.

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