Garden Landscaping and Swimming Pool Maintenance In Dubai UAE


When it comes to maintaining your garden, we are your people. We create a plan to keep your outside space maintained all year round with weekly inspections and services. It can be as small as just mowing and trimming or bigger as planting your flower displays for all year around maintenance and upkeep. Innovators Landscaping creates a custom plan to your needs and ensures to complete on time throughout the months of the year. Swimming pool contractors in Dubai.

Here are some maintaining features we provide to our clients. If you want Mowing and strumming of your garden, if you need constant weeding and someone to take care of your garden, Innovators Landscaping covers it all. Between Sharjah  and Dubai maintenance companies, our company is rising in excellence and quality work.

Planting Seeding Bulbing, General Maintenance, Cutbacks, now Clearing, Lawn Care, Leaf Clearing, Shingling and Wood chipping, Cleaning, and Hedge Trimming and Shaping are some other maintaining features for your garden that we provide. We cover every base and point to form and preserve a natural look and upkeep. Whether it’s your garden or business premises or public area, we provide the best service and assistance all year round. Our team is competent and devoted, they take your work very seriously, and it can be the best selection if you make it.

Swimming Pools:

Here in Innovators Landscaping aside from installing different features in your landscape. We also offer their maintenance. And that is the reason we stand out among all other landscape contractors Dubai. A well looked after the pool is not only a pleasure to enjoy for yourself and your guests, but also prolongs the character and life of your swimming pool center as well as the filter system and surface pool elements. That on longer period would protect you from many losses.

Our pool maintenance staff is here to perform a genuinely active swimming pool sustaining assistance.

Pump, Filter systems, PH of water will regularly be checked for your sake. Our skilled team will also check if the water of your pool is keeping up the health standards.

The pool surface will be wiped from leaves and other litter that might’ve entered your pool. With all of this, we will also make sure that the floor of your swimming pool is vacuumed.

We can also arrange repairs of your pool system. Any filter, lights, or pump that might be required. We make sure that all the money that you spent on your desired pool don’t go to waste.

We can prepare your pool for the summer season, so you don’t have to go to public pools to have a real time. You can have anything you want in your pool. We also test your pool water for its PH Balance, this test can be scheduled every week or every two weeks. Chlorine level check and balance are also essential, and our highly expert team can carry this out for you. Organizing the checking up of your pool by Regional Health Inspection authority can also be arranged. In this way, you can be certain about your pool situation. We also check the water level and fill it if there is no automatic system is available. Putting chemicals and the checking and cleaning the filter system are other services we provide.

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